Marinelli Refuge from Timau by bicycle

Green like Carnia Experience by bike

Alessio SommaJun 7, 20223 min read
the magic of cycling in carnia discovering magical unspoilt places Carnia is synonymous with green as far as the eye can see, unspoilt, wild and authentic: here you can enjoy the real mountain, which you cannot find elsewhere.This is why they say Green like Carnia, try it to believe it. Let yourself be enveloped in […]
bachelor party bike tour

Friuli Bike experiences

Alessio SommaMar 29, 20221 min read
Friuli bike experiences reviews Below is a short collection of your reviews following your Friuli bike experiences. Patrick A truly epic tour, we had the time of our lives! We explored tunnels, trenches, explored a creek and ate really well! If you like our FVG BIKING ADVENTURE please let us know and write a review. […]