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Explore the rich history and culture of Friuli Venezia Giulia on an exciting bike tour. Discover ancient villages, archaeological sites and artistic treasures along the region's fascinating roads and immerse yourself in its fascinating historical heritage.
Roman Forum Julium Carnicum in Zuglio

Carnia: Romea Strata by bicycle

Alessio SommaMar 1, 20235 min read
"The Romea Strata by Bike" in Zuglio offers a five-hour adventure along the ancient Romea Iulia Augusta route. Cycling through Roman roads, it traverses the But Valley with archaeological remains, a millennia-old forest, and stunning views of the Carnic Alps. The guided and safe route includes cultural stops, panoramic vistas, and the chance to refresh in the river. An excursion rich in history, culture, and nature suitable for all.