cycling guide in Friuli

Cycling Guide in Friuli

I am a professional figure operating in the sports tourism sector as a Sports Cycling Guide in Friuli.

My name is Alessio Somma, and my roots are half Carnic and half Friulian.

I am registered in the FVG regional registry and authorized to operate in the tourism sector as a “MOUNTAIN BIKE AND OFF-ROAD CYCLING INSTRUCTOR.”

I have been practicing cycling since 2016 and have explored various places both within the region and beyond through races and sporting events. These experiences have significantly contributed to expanding my knowledge in the field, enriching my skill set, and fueling my passion for mountain biking and off-road cycling.

My certifications include “Instructor Master in promotional and youth categories TI2” and “Sports Cycling Tour Guide,” both obtained under the auspices of the FCI. I love gravity disciplines and, in particular, specialize in “cross-country,” “enduro,” and “all-mountain.”

My sporting personality reflects a multidisciplinary and colorful experience. I am a great enthusiast of mountain biking and outdoor life. The mountains and nature, in general, are my daily sources of inspiration. I am in love with the territory where I live, guided by an unyielding curiosity.

All of this has inspired my motivation and passion to give others the opportunity to discover the territory I love. This led to the creation of the “DreamTrails FVG Biking Adventure” project. The goal is to allow everyone to explore our wonderful territory through safe and fun experiences, enriched with teachings on bike riding and the discovery of new aspects of the region.

The support of my family and a group of friends who never refused to help has been fundamentalβ€”they were always there when needed! I am grateful for the support I have received in following my path, and I am excited to continue sharing my passions with the surrounding community.

Alessio Somma guida cicloturistica Friuli
Alessio Somma

“When we embark on a new path, we may feel overwhelmed and tempted to give in to fear right away, getting lost in ourselves, or we can descend and risk tackling it all on foot.

The audacity of the path we choose, its intensity, and the determination with which we face it manifest our flow.

As long as this harmony is maintained, we can be sure to overcome all seemingly insurmountable obstacles that appear before us.”

β€” Alessio Somma, Mountain Bike Instructor and Sports Cycling Tour Guide

Cycling guide in Friuli: the project

My project has found a voice in the beautiful Carnia region, and in particular in Zuglio, a place that is very dear to me, where pleasant memories echo. My aim is to provide everyone with positive experiences that combine healthy sport, discovery of the area, culture, traditions, fun and relaxation. Where experiencing nature and the mountains at 360Β° makes you feel good. A thousand adventures in Carnia MTB await us!

As an FCI cycling guide, I believe that the redevelopment of the territory and its economic revival is possible starting from small initiatives, which are based on collaboration with the resources of the area, building solid foundations through professionalism and skills, intertwining with local realities and always seeking new developments and opportunities for growth, promotion and innovation.

Alessio somma

Mountain biking master and cycle tour guide titles

Associations and Parks

Since January 2024, I am a guide of the Prealpi Giulie Park and promote the park and the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve Julian Alps.

Cycling Guide in Friuli

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Leading enthusiasts through unique mountain biking experiences, with fun, safety, and learning about the territory. Sharing a passion for off-road cycling, creating meaningful connections with nature and the surrounding community.


Inspiring an active and passionate community where mountain biking is a tool for exploration and sharing. DreamTrails FVG Biking Adventure, a reference point for those seeking two-wheeled adventures in our region. Growing together, nurturing the mountain biking culture, and transforming passions into opportunities for discovery and fun for everyone.


  • Cycling Safety
  • Fun Accessible to All
  • Respect for the Territory
  • Exploring New Adventures
  • Flexibility and Customer Care
  • Connection with Nature
  • Inclusive Cycling Community
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Continuous Learning
  • Shared Passion for Mountain Biking

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