carnia cycling guide

carnia cycling guide

I am a “Master Instructor in the promotional and very young TI2 categories” and an FCI sports cycle-tour guide“. I am a Carnia cycling guide.

I am a young and sporty person with a varied multidisciplinary experience, passionate about mountain biking and life in the open air, I love the mountains and nature in general, in love with the area where I live and driven by a tireless curiosity.

This gives rise to the motivation and passion to help people discover the area I love and live in.

The help of my family and a group of friends, who never refused to help me and were always there when I needed them, was fundamental!

carnia cycling guide

My project has found a voice in the beautiful Carnia region, and in particular in Zuglio, a place that is very dear to me, where pleasant memories echo. My aim is to provide everyone with positive experiences that combine healthy sport, discovery of the area, culture, traditions, fun and relaxation. Where experiencing nature and the mountains at 360° makes you feel good.

I believe that the revalorization of the area and its economic revival is possible starting from small initiatives, which are based on collaboration with the resources of the area, building solid foundations through professionalism and skills, intertwining with local realities and always looking for new developments and opportunities for growth, promotion and innovation.

Alessio somma

my motto

When we embark on a new path, we can be overwhelmed and overcome by fear, give up immediately, lose ourselves, or go down and risk doing it all on foot.

The boldness of the path we choose, its intensity and the determination with which we tackle it, manifests our flow.

As long as this attunement is maintained, we can be sure of overcoming all the insurmountable obstacles that appear before us.

Alessio Somma
cycling guide certificate
FCI Sports Cycle Guide Certificate
mountain bike master certificate
FCI Master TI2 certificate

carnia cycling guide

carnia cycling guide

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Driving people in total safety and fun, through the magnificent Carnia region, making it accessible to all people: from families to the most daring riders.


Create a point of reference for Zuglio and give more visibility to the area, enhancing fun and little-known routes and offering a wide range of services


  • safe cycling
  • fun for all
  • respect for the territory
  • new and entertaining adventures
  • discovering the history of the Romans through the old routes
  • flexibility, service and customer care