Way of the Mills and Aquila del Torre

cycle path along the vineyards of Savorgnano del Torre
cycle path along the vineyards of Savorgnano del Torre
Bike Tour eno-gastronomic

Way of the Mills: cycling to discover an old mill and an important winery.

Way of the Mills: a food and wine ride in company to discover the Povoletto area and its surroundings, passing through unusual places, discovering an important winery and tasting its products.


5 hours


5 to 20

Activity in brief

Preview of the bike tour

Povoletto, a hamlet steeped in history and charm in the north of the municipality. Its vine-covered hills and lush forests to the north, the fertile cereal countryside to the south, the Malina stream to the east and the Torre river to the west. The roggia Cividina, which has been flowing between town and countryside since the 11th century, creates fascinating water landscapes along its winding route, feeding mills and hydraulic factories.

The Motta hill is home to the famous Savorgnan castle, while the green valley of the Rio Maggiore, Pecol de Semine and the Cengle offer picturesque views. The village overlooks the hill, with the majestic church of San Michele Arcangelo and the old pebble houses of the Torre, evidence of centuries-old traditions. Here, amidst shady pergolas, you can enjoy the renowned local wines produced on the surrounding hillsides.

  • An experience that will allow you to better discover the landscape and nature around you, and then taste the products related to our land.
  • We will move freely along the cycle path along the river, away from traffic and surrounded by nature.
  • A visit to the mill, a view of the vineyards and a guided tour of the winery and wine tasting await you.
  • In the company of a bicycle touring guide, you can enjoy the experience in complete safety.

Way of the Mills – Route Development

Mill of Godia

What is it?

Guided bike tour with a visit to the Savorgnano del Torre vineyard and the Aquila del Torre winery. It will be accompanied by an explanation of the surrounding area with various local anecdotes. This will be followed by tasting and various snacks with a visit to the winery.
The route includes three key stages:

  1. Old Mill of Godia
  2. Way of the Mills
  3. Visit to the Aquila del Torre winery with tasting


The tour starts at the BionicBike shop in Povoletto, where we will be able to rent bicycles and various equipment. We will then proceed towards the FVG4 cycle path (in a westerly direction), cross the beautiful Torre park and climb the old Salt bridge to admire the riverbed. We will continue in a southerly direction towards the ancient kilns of Godia, before arriving at the first stop on our tour: the mill of Godia.

We then continue in a north-westerly direction, always following the Torre river, which we will gladly use as a guide for our adventure. We will take the so-called Via dei Mulini (Mill Route), a unique route that will allow us to see our beautiful irrigation ditches and how our territory was rich in these marvellous tools that harnessed the power of water. This route will inevitably lead us to discover where the two important emissaries of the river originate: at Savorgnano del Torre.

From here, we will begin the ascent towards the scenic Savorgnano del Torre vineyard (also crowned by Nutella’s ‘I love you Italy‘ special edition) and then arrive at the Aquila del Torre winery, where we will finally enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. This will be followed by a tasting and visit to the winery.

Having recovered our strength, we will follow the easy white road downhill to our base camp, where we can then relax and enjoy a few minutes of conviviality to crown this wonderful experience and day spent together.

Way of the Mills, the experience of the route

A tour that takes in the important sites such as the Way of the Mills, the Savorgnano vineyard and the Aquila del Torre winery. Along the route we can find points of historical, cultural and other interest, as well as panoramic viewpoints, our Torre river and its two emissaries winding their way to the mills that await us.

We will cross the magnificent Torre park, passing an old bridge from which we can observe a breathtaking sunset with a view of the river banks, a unique place in the whole of Italy because an important migratory bird from Africa nests on them: the Bee-eater. Finally we can refresh ourselves and enjoy some good wine, giving us the time and opportunity to better share the experience.

Along the Way of the Mills

A route that we can define as ‘panta rei‘; everything flows and adapts easily to all people, even those with no particular level of fitness, fun, fulfilling and relaxing, where the presence of water connects the various local realities in their historical and cultural context.

Tour data

Entire route: 33,2 km 10,3 km/h 180 m 180 m ~5h.

N.B. The data were calculated on the basis of the slowest pace.

Route development

Way of the Mills map

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Virtual tour of the route

Type: loop route
Start and Arrival: Povoletto
Development: Povoletto, Godia, Savorgnano del Torre
Direction: Nord – Sud


Points of interest

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